The Britain’s finest fruits de la mer with a Soho vibe

Bringing together the freshest ingredients and excellent cooking, Heritage Soho presents a gourmet selection of seafood dishes featuring sustainable, seasonal produce of fish and shellfish sourced directly from the UK’s farms and served alongside our house specialties as well as seriously good cocktails, wines and spirits. To continue the indulgences after a decadent seafood dinner, we encourage to treat your palate with a sweet finish and have a smack of boozy sorbets coming with Prosecco, Baileys or a shot of passion fruit liquor.

Committed to providing the highest standards and adding a signature Alpine twist, our delicious seafood selection is sure not to disappoint and caters to the tastes of every guest who is tempted by indulging in delectable starters like rock oysters and cured trout or having a passion for premium-style dishes with lobster like lobster rolls.
The Britain’s finest fruits de la mer with a Soho vibe

Boasting a satisfying menu catering to all tastes and noted by a Michelin guide

We combine Soho informality and upscale food in a variety of flavour-packed forms: from the entrees of sublime oysters and a house-cured dish of Trout Gravlax to a ‘lip-smacking’ Lobster Roll Bun made by a bespoke recipe and served in a warm brioche bap with luscious filet chunks of fresh lobster meat.

Upon your visit, expect to have an epic seafood feast starting with a generous platter of Mezzelune-style jumbo Lobster Dumplings and then proceed with a main delight featured in the menus – half a Lobster seasoned and grilled to perfection, and coming with the accompaniments of fries & salad bites, and a sauce.

Thinking of adding a sparkling spin? Then why not upgrading your dinner occasion with a glass of Moët & Chandon Champagne or complimenting fresh seafood taste with a refreshing cocktail like Martini? For something a little different, opt for our inventive twist on traditions and have a Lobster Rösti – a Swiss food staple served with a topping of guacamole and lobster meat, or treat yourself to an aromatic pot with fresh Mussels steamed in garlic and white wine sauce with a side of French fries.

With the brilliant execution and an array of flavourful platters to choose from, Heritage Soho is sure to provide an indulgent dining experience even to the most hard-to-impress seafood-loving diners.


At Heritage Soho, we are proud to offer a variety of quality certified ingredients as well as the produce of the exclusive artisan suppliers from both local farms and Switzerland.

Our Seafood

We believe that top quality ingredients need little to nothing to shine on the plate. For this reason, we have partnered with the leading fishmonger traders across the UK and Europe to supply us with a highly sustainable catch of the day and freshest seafood offish and shellfish produce.

Our Lobster

Ensuring the highest quality, we are committed to providing you with a true lobster experience by featuring the absolute gems of fine dining and the most sought-after lobsters on the market – Atlantic or Maine lobsters that are served the best seafood restaurants. Prominent for having a tender yet meaty texture as well as rich and buttery flavour, we directly source the freshest lobsters from trusted North American suppliers for using them whole or as an ingredient in both main and smaller plates to grill and fry. With our chefs owning a variety of techniques to take the best of what Atlantic lobsters have to offer, we avoid using any additional fillers to guarantee making each lobster-featured dish with the meat of an entire crustacean.

Get to know us

Heritage Soho is an Alpine-inspired restaurant and cocktail bar nestled in Rupert Street, Soho, and located within walking distance to world-famous West End theatres, charming streets of Covent Garden and major tourist attractions of Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. Tucking in between the buzziest neighborhoods of London, we combine good food with a relaxed yet chic vibe making for a unique and indulgent setting for your evening.

Inspired by the atmosphere of a cozy alpine tavern, Heritage Soho is a perfect spot to relax around great food and wine while catching up with friends, having family gatherings or date nights.

With the menus celebrating the traditional flavours of utterly delicious Alpine plates, we take pride in being one of the best places in Greater London neighbourhood where you find an impeccable combination of Michelin-starred food, a wine list to excite, and an atmosphere to remember.

Your perfect seafood occasion

While snobs still share a common belief that a decent seafood restaurant can be found only at a sea cost or waterfront areas, luckily over the recent time London has become a home to many top seafood-centric restaurants that are ready to satisfy the cravings of passionate pescatarians. Street-food sushi bars in Shoreditch, sashimi in Mayfair, creative local seafood spots in Notting Hill… Indeed, the list can be endless.

Arguably, nothing can compare to that blissful feeling of sitting in a nice seaside restaurant and enjoying a fabulous plate of fishermen fresh catch accompanied with a crisp glass of wine. Taking this as an inspiration, we contributed extra efforts to designing a menu keeping the familiar flavours of our favourites at its core and twisting it with some surprising yet balancing seafood and seasonal takes.

Originally challenged by the fact that the cuisines of most Alpine countries primarily consist of cheeses and meat delicacies, with seafood being one of the last things you think of when it comes to culinary masterpieces of this diverse mountain region, we made sure to keep the standards high and use only the finest ingredients to excite the taste buds of the peakiest fans.

Mixing hearty Alpine delights with the most beloved seafood highlights of lobster, mussels and fish, the culinary experiments of our masterful Head Chef led to reimagining the original recipes by putting these popular ingredients front and center that ultimately took classics to the next level.
Boasting a satisfying menu catering to all tastes and noted by a Michelin guide