Bottomless Raclette

£21 per person, available all day every Tuesday

Imagine the rivers of oozing melted raclette atop of pearl onions, marbled potatoes and cornichons served directly onto your plate…

Have a passion for cheese? Then, make sure Bottomless Raclette Tuesday is on your culinary bucket list! Joking aside, we have mastered the skill of Raclette-making to perfection and are ready to serve your wildest cheese fantasies with unlimited raclette cheese served to each guest. Join us at Heritage Soho from Tuesday to treat yourself to melted cheese perfection.

This offer is £21 per person and includes a complimentary glass of house wine, Prosecco or beer - whatever you fancy to compliment this indulgent experience.
Bottomless Raclette

Tuesday-exclusive Bottomless Raclette tasting menu

If you are looking for a dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary, then look no further and try our Tuesday-exclusive Bottomless Raclette tasting menu.

Running from 5pm – 11pm every Tuesday, for just £21 per person expect to receive a sizzling pan with buttery boiled potatoes and pickles, topped with a mouthwatering slather of unlimited melting raclette cheese and served alongside a complimentary glass of wine, Prosecco, or beer.

Just imagine spending fantastic 2 hours of tucking into never-ending rivers of gooey cheesy goodness, while enjoying a setting of always buzzing Soho vibes – this indulgent dining affair will surely climb new heights of pleasure on your taste buds!

Prefer having more flexibility or think of browsing a la carte? Or, maybe, missing on drinks to add? Not to worry, should you wish to compliment your dish with one of our mouthwatering starters, upscale raclette with meaty supplements such as Parma ham or pork belly, or need some nibbles on a side – feel free to ask for our la carte menu and tailor your order so your culinary experience is exactly how you like it! And for a boozy twist on your evening, check out our wine list which features fine wines, including a collection of Swiss wines. For lovers of cocktails we recommend having a look at our bar menu showcasing perfectly balanced drinks created by our masterful mixologists.
Tuesday-exclusive Bottomless Raclette tasting menu

How To Enjoy Raclette

Considered to be a show-stopping main at every table, raclette is a great dish to enjoy solo as well as shared with family and friends. In Switzerland, the traditional way of eating raclette involves spreading a heated cheese over a plate of boiled potatoes, pickled onions and cornichons. As a best pairing drink, it is recommended to accompany raclette with a glass of Swiss white wine.

Bottomless Truffle Raclette Upgrade

A well-spent Tuesday evening with unlimited melted raclette cheese, a welcoming glass of bubbling Prosecco, house wine from our exquisite wine list, or a pint of a real Bavarian lager to compliment your scrumptious meal… What more could you ask for, right?

But what about enriching your raclette experience with a dose of truffles?

For lovers of truffles, consider adding an extra of £4.5 per person to feast with the endless oozing servings of glorious truffle raclette packed with a flavoursome blend of truffle shavings and truffle oil. Promise, this fine-dining spin on classics will indulge every gourmet enthusiast as well as an adventurous foodie looking for a special cheesy delight!
How To Enjoy Raclette

Our Raclette Cheese

More than just a delicious dish and one of the most beloved food traditions in Europe for hundreds of years, raclette is the ultimate culinary staple of Swiss cuisine. Traditionally, the technique of making raclette involved spreading a semi-hard cow milk cheeses over a roaring wood fire and waiting until it started to melt to then scrape down molten cheese down a hefty serving of potatoes and other accompaniments such as vegetables, bread, and meats.

Bringing this tradition to life in the London’s heart in Soho, Heritage is committed to exciting the diners with that sought-after authentic dining experience like no other.

Keeping this promise, we make all our raclette plates using a true raclette cheese protected by AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protégée), which is supplied directly from our well-established Swiss partner.
Our Raclette Cheese

Raclette du Valais AOP

Composition: made from full-fat raw cow’s milk, semi-hard.

Taste/Flavour: the region of origin stamped on the side, and the taste of the cheese depends on where the cows graze: a fresh taste, alike butter or cream, originates in Raclette du Valais.

Our AOP-approved Raclette:

  • Made with a raw cow’s milk stored less than 24 hours before it is curdled
  • Made using original cheese-making practices in traditional cheese dairies
  • The milk and cheese are produced exclusively in the canton of Valais
  • Quality is regularly checked by AOP’s experts
  • The ingredients permitted are 100% natural and organic, no additional flavourings
Working only with AOP’s-approved raclette made of raw milk of cows that have gazed in the mountains of Switzerland and applying the methods of traditional cooking, it has been decided by our head chef to preserve the original recipe intact. Thus, we manage to keep the dish’s comforting simplicity yet bringing the upscale touches with the excellent quality of the ingredients used.