Date Advice: Our top ten date tips

Date Advice: Our Top Ten Date Tips Soho Restaurant Leicester Square

Posted: 01/10/2019 in Blog

Date Advice: Top ten tips, Soho restaurant Whether you’re relatively used dating or trying it out no prior experience that first date can be nerve-wracking. Date Advice: Our top ten date tips
Whether you’re relatively used to dating or trying it out with no prior experience that first date can be nerve-wracking. These are our top ten tips for making sure you have a great time.

1. Ask for a date sooner than later. According to research, if you wait longer than 23 days from an initial online interaction then you may have built up unrealistic expectations that your date will have a difficult time meeting.

2. Be safe. If there’s anything that makes you feel uncertain about this person then listen to your instincts and back off a little. You can take precautions for the date itself, such as asking a friend to get in touch with you a few hours in to check everything is ok.

3. Plan what you wear. The experts say that what you wear could be a big contributing factor to whether you and your date are attracted to each other. So, be true to your usual style – if you don’t normally wear jeans then don’t put them on especially for the date.

4. Be yourself. It can be tempting to tailor yourself to what you think the other person wants if you’re keen to avoid rejection. However, being yourself is really the only way to ensure that if you click with this person it’s going to be genuine.

5. Opt for casual. 82% of daters would prefer somewhere low key and relaxed for a first date, as opposed to a chic dining spot. Pick somewhere you won’t feel out of place and where you can both just focus on each other rather than worrying about which knife to use.
6. Pay your share. There can be a lot of difficult expectations around who pays for what when it comes to dating. The simplest way to approach this is often simply for everyone to offer to pay their share.

7. Think about the conversation. Politics and money can be uncomfortable topics but by far the worst is talking about the other dates you’re planning to go on – closely followed by bragging or talking about your ex.

8. Remember your body language. Non-verbal cues will play a big role in whether you’re perceived as confident and this can impact on attractiveness. So, stand tall and try to maintain open body language even if you feel shy or nervous.

9. Plan your next date now. If you’re getting towards the end of the first date and you feel like you want there to be another then bite the bullet and ask for one. It’s much easier to do this than to be uncertain after the event and not get around to organising it.

10. Follow up. The best way to show someone you like them is to follow up with a quick message after the date. One is fine, you don’t have to flood their phone – in fact, too many messages is one of the main reasons that many second dates don’t happen.

Although there is a lot you can do to prepare for a first date, ultimately, it depends if there is a connection. So, have fun, don’t take the date too seriously and enjoy it for what it is.