22 irresistible Swiss treats that aren't (purely) chocolate

22 Irresistible Swiss Treats Not Purely Chocolate Soho Restaurant

Posted: 18/09/2019 in Blog

22 Irresistible Swiss Treats Not Purely Chocolate Soho Restaurant no doubt that chocolate is an absolutely essential tasting experience in Switzerland There’s no doubt that chocolate is an absolutely essential tasting experience in Switzerland. However, if you have a sweet tooth it’s not the only treat to try.

1. Gebrannte Mandeln. These are essentially deliciously sugared almonds that you can buy everywhere, from supermarkets to fairs and festivals.
2. Berliner. Not an authentically Swiss snack but widely consumed in Switzerland nevertheless. You wouldn’t be far off if you described a Berliner as a jam doughnut.
3. Bärentatzen. The name means ‘bear claws’ but these are actually delicious, ridged chocolate cookies.
4. Biberli. A small pocket sized snack made from two slices of gingerbread sandwiching a honey almond filling.
5. Basler Läckerli. If you like gingerbread then you’ll also adore this version, which hails from Basel. It’s glazed with sugar and covered with honey, nuts and candied fruit.
6. Speckmocken. Although the translation of its name is "a chunk of bacon,” in fact this is a nutty Swiss pastry that has just been designed to look like a piece of pork.
7. Kägi fret. These are convenient chocolate snacks that many of the Swiss take on a day out or a picnic. They are basically chocolate covered wafers, available in original as well as flavours such as matcha and orange.
8. Magenbrot. Chocolatey and spicy, the name of this treat translates as ‘stomach bread’ because the spices in it are all really good for your insides.
9. Kambly Guezli. One of Switzerland’s most famous biscuit makers, a box of these cookies covers all your options.
10. Spitzbuebe. These biscuits have a very festive feel to them – they are two pieces of short crust pastry in shapes such as hearts and stars, sandwiched together with jam with a hole in the centre of the top piece.
11. Weggli und Brügeli. This is another sandwich type sweet treat – a white roll that sandwiches a chocolate bar. Easy to eat, tasty and filling.
12. Birewegge. Distant cousin of the fig roll, Birewegge are puff pastry rolls stuffed with dried pear and nuts.
13. Mandelgipfel and Nussgipfel. These pastry roll treats are available at any Swiss bakery. Mandelgipfel are usually filled with almonds while Nussgipfel can contain any type of nuts.
14. Totenbeinli. These rock solid nut bars are often enjoyed with – and dipped in – morning coffee.
15. Vogelnestli. Another great accompaniment to coffee, Vogelnestli are whirls of short crust pastry filled with jam.
16. Schümli. You can eat these little dollops of chocolate meringue on their own or add to ice cream or fruit salad.
17. Luxemburgerli. These are essentially Swiss macarons – considered an indulgent treat, they come in a range of flavours, from champagne and hazelnut to mandarin and chocolate.
18. Willisauer Ringli. These rings of hard cookie are renowned for being so solid that they need to be broken rather than bitten.
19. Bündner Nusstorte. This dessert hails from the Canton of Grisons. It is a crumbly pastry tart wrapped around a filling of honey and nuts.
20. Vermicelles. Don’t be put off by the fact that this dessert looks like it’s topped with spaghetti. It’s actually chestnut, meringue and whipped cream.
21. Cremeschnitte. A little bit like a cream slice, Cremeschnitte is made of layers of puff pastry, icing and set vanilla custard.
22. Cremerolle. If you prefer something a little easier to eat, the Cremerolle is a cone of pastry filled with vanilla custard.
Swiss chocolate is some of the best in the world but it’s not the only treat to make sure that you try.