12 things you absolutely have to fondue

12 Things Absolutely Fondue Soho Restaurant Leicester Square Swiss

Posted: 19/09/2019 in Blog

12 Things Absolutely Fondue Soho Restaurant Leicester Square Swiss essential culinary experience, whether you’re a fan of traditional cheese, hot oil or somethi 12 things you absolutely have to fondue
The fondue is an essential culinary experience, whether you’re a fan of traditional cheese, hot oil or something sweeter like chocolate. Whatever you choose as your base it’s a good idea to have plenty of variety when it comes to what you dip. Just in case you’re in need of a little inspiration here are 12 things that you absolutely have to fondue.

1. Cheese. It’s kind of obvious but cheese is a key component in the traditional fondue. You can make a fondue with cheddar but there are some other cheeses that will give you a richer, more indulgent taste, such as emmental and gruyere. If you’re a serious cheese-a-holic then you can even buy a harder cheese to dip into the cheese fondue..

2. Meat. Strips of rare cooked steak work incredibly well dipped into a cheese fondue or you can put them in raw to a hot oil fondue and watch them cook. Bacon also tastes delicious when dunked in cheese.

3. Meatballs. A slight variation is to make mini meatballs and then drop these into either the cheese fondue (once cooked) or the hot oil fondue (when raw). Either way you’ll get a deliciously meaty, juicy taste sensation, especially if you flavour the meatballs with herbs.

4. Bread dippers. There are no limits to the types of bread that work well in a cheese fondue. Strips of sourdough are delicious or you can opt for a denser bread with a deeper flavour like rye. If you’re feeling extra indulgent why not create garlic bread dippers and see how they taste dripping with cheese.

5. Potatoes. You can fry cubes of potato in a hot oil fondue for a chip-like effect or dip boiled or fried potatoes in a cheese fondue for a mind-blowingly tasty treat. Make sure you salt the potatoes if you’re precooking them.

6. Other veg. If you feel like you need something a bit fresher with all that cheese, meat and bread, vegetable kebabs work well with a fondue. Simply create them from veg like mushrooms, onions and peppers and then either dunk in cheese or leave in the hot oil fondue for a kind of batter-free tempura effect.

7. Chocolate. White chocolate, milk chocolate or the richest dark chocolate can all be used to create a fantastic fondue. If you’re feeling adventurous, add in some extra flavour like salted caramel or mint.

8. Fruit. Strawberries and pineapple are probably the most traditional options for fruit to dip in a chocolate fondue but you can try just about anything.

9. Cake. Flapjacks, brownies, cookies or sponge – if you can get it onto a skewer then dunk it in a chocolate fondue and see how it tastes.

10. Marshmallows. There’s a reason that marshmallows are so popular around a bonfire – the heat makes them oozy and frothy and sweet. Drop some into a fondue of hot chocolate for a similar effect.

11. Frozen anything. You have to be quick if you’re going to try this with ice cream but something like a frozen banana can be dipped and won’t melt quite so fast.

12. Your fingers. Well, it’s not hygienic but sometimes it’s just too hard to resist.